A Little About Myself
Creating is what comes most natural to me, taking any form from drawing, painting, sculpturing or designing digitally. I always doodled and colored on everything when I was younger, and as I got older, my doodles turned into drawings and paintings. In college I was introduced to digital art/design and sculpture and even combining the two. I’m happy to say, that my curiosity, experimentation and thirst to create is still with me today. 
My name is Mandy Hernaez, I’m an illustrator and designer from New Orleans–a place where inspiration is in every washed brick and cobble stone. I've been a part of the advertising industry for three years. I try to work illustration into my projects as much as I can. It’s something that I love to do and it also means there is something uniquely created just for that project.
Outside of work, I like to practice with passion projects, and competitions. I also love to travel, listen to live music, enjoy and cook new foods and wine.
So now that you know me, and I’d love the chance to return the favor.

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