This name is a playful take on Phil and Sean’s respective “beer style stereotypes.” Phil is obviously known as the foremost leader and brewer of Farmhouse Ales and Sean’s IPAs are world famous. It only made sense that the two brewers combine their “typecast” styles into a Farmhouse IPA—a true collaboration and partnership.
Chosen Concept:
“Typecast” is a term associated with the arts, especially when an actor is casted as the same role time and again. TYPECAST is highlighting Sean and Phil’s praised performances, but also taking the stage as something new created together. 
With the TYPECAST name set on stage, the illustration is drawn from audience’s perspective so that the viewer is witness to it’s debut.

First Draft

Final Artwork
Can labels are printed using shrink wrap. This allows parts of the aluminum to show through, adding shine and dimension to the final piece.

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